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What Are You Smoking On?


A Blunt of Kimbo Slice with cookies and creme crumble

kclokotez2 minutes ago
Kristal nares

new pipe yes with og

Kristal naresabout 2 hours ago

chem Jack x double dream mmmmmm mmmmmm !

starrfstatuzabout 2 hours ago

anyone know a shop in l hollywood/sfv area that sells kurvana cartridges 5 for 100 or good price near by?

ogstealerabout 4 hours ago
Silver and Black 619

now I have to get high on Romulan because I love going to the smoke shop! it's right next to a dispensary...I love this city.

Silver and Black 619about 4 hours ago
Silver and Black 619

1 year of reclaim. about to be scraped. after I get a scale to weigh it. 8 grams I think. stoner chef time!

Silver and Black 619about 4 hours ago

GG#4 extract to concentrate, medicate, motivate, and marinate! What do I have to do / want to do?!?!! Cheers!

LeGaLiZeDabout 4 hours ago

Last of my Salmon Creek with my plain green tea & some Gorilla Glue to get me going. Still smoking bud.....

Shantra7about 4 hours ago

Some black Afghani hash for breakfast...burp... Happy Monday mappers!!

bobalooabout 4 hours ago

Full recovery lol!

bigstephcaabout 6 hours ago

Alrighty not stoned today, so this pc better come out! Malibu OG revisited!

bigstephcaabout 6 hours ago

Alpha Glue pipe tokes... Cannabis and Coffee... ... to get me in motion this beautiful Monday morning :) Fly High Mappers!

LeGaLiZeDabout 7 hours ago

And Blue Power Rosin. Have a wonderful Monday my friends and as always, Stay lifted.

kizzyabout 7 hours ago

Double Dream x Harle Tsu

kizzyabout 7 hours ago

I'm actually smoking on Allen Wrench, but the pic is Blue Power, a super tasty Indica I got Vegas last week. Home until Mom's chemo.

mmollzzabout 8 hours ago

now to top it off with some Blue Dream

kwisabout 8 hours ago

the homie enjoying it as well

kwisabout 9 hours ago

nothing better then seeing the moon go to this fire ass blue moon

kwisabout 9 hours ago

Tangerine nothin better then orange smoke in the mornin

kilowattsabout 9 hours ago
Justin SanDiego

Phoenix OG Kush (vape ejuice/oil) : THC:86.6% THCA: .28%, CBDA: 6.58%, CBN .65%

Justin SanDiegoabout 13 hours ago

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