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    What are you smoking?

    Nickee I have bong loads of my Fav GSC & some SKYWALKER. #GSC #StarWars #TheHighIsStrongWithThisOne #DANK
    2014-08-30 02:04:30 UTC
    ChaChaVaVoom PARISOG :)
    2014-08-30 01:53:04 UTC
    Mars94 Kurt told me to smoke now, so I'm killing the Prada OG now.
    2014-08-30 01:52:02 UTC
    framer13 LCD (Sage x OG Kush) x Sage
    2014-08-30 01:50:10 UTC
    Mars94 MARIJUANA!
    2014-08-30 01:48:14 UTC
    stonedform Oops forgot pic. Hasty pic with phone, not my usual macro glory.
    2014-08-30 01:38:23 UTC
    stonedform Some GDP. 24.2%, highest I've seen a purp. Though to be fair, the batch is not the most purple of purps. Still that insane GDP smell/taste.
    2014-08-30 01:37:37 UTC
    Der Kaiser Loading the MF Launch Box with some Super Louis og. Have a great weekend everyone. Cheers.
    2014-08-30 01:07:06 UTC
    Snuffy148 Weekend!!! Yay!!! Trying the weed mash up like Fang - have some G-13, Lavender, and Bubba Kush in the Volcano...oh yeah, time to relax! :D
    2014-08-30 00:59:57 UTC
    bramage79 dolls beep
    2014-08-30 00:54:48 UTC
    Mars94 Chilling after a workout. Prada OG in a bit. "Spare 'sum change?"
    2014-08-30 00:53:55 UTC
    Master Yip Back home (Denver), know it's time for some hybrid bubble hash 😊
    2014-08-30 00:52:21 UTC
    chrismoke lemon haze
    2014-08-30 00:52:20 UTC
    chrismoke candy jack
    2014-08-30 00:51:40 UTC
    chrismoke headband
    2014-08-30 00:50:00 UTC
    FattFang Finished grilling some ribs--others responsible for the side were we're enjoying ribs sans sides
    2014-08-30 00:00:31 UTC
    Divaflyingsolo Budda Con. I consume rather than smoke. I take a couple of chews and drink it down with chamomile tea. Nap time :)
    2014-08-29 23:39:17 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Skywalker OG and iced coffee... Time to pause... until it cools off! Fly High Mappers!
    2014-08-29 23:25:14 UTC
    SirNugAlot I tried the new Cloud V Platinum hash pen today and really liked it. Has anyone else tried it and what are your thoughts on it?
    2014-08-29 23:12:17 UTC
    Williamsson Master Kush The rain don't talk to me no more
    2014-08-29 23:02:19 UTC


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