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    skunk22pw Mamas Collie (this is what amber Tric's should look like)
    2014-09-23 18:12:32 UTC
    Williamsson Just a blunt of OG kush Enjoy the day weedpeeps!
    2014-09-23 18:12:40 UTC
    skunk22pw Mamas Collie, from high grade SD
    2014-09-23 18:04:35 UTC
    kizzy Santa Cruz og to finish it off, have a great day mappers
    2014-09-23 18:02:47 UTC
    kizzy Jack Herer Crumble
    2014-09-23 17:58:22 UTC
    Mars94 I think another blunt is in store, Lights Out OG. Got a damn flat on my bike.
    2014-09-23 17:42:19 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD @ Flashback . . .
    2014-09-23 17:33:47 UTC
    Flashback Leonard Cohen Everybody Knows
    2014-09-23 16:35:29 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Skywalker OG in the bong, coffee in the cup... Scissors in the hand... trim , trim away. Tuesday! Have a Terrific Tuesday Folks!
    2014-09-23 16:11:33 UTC
    Flashback KTVA Reporter Charlo Greene Quits Live On Air
    2014-09-23 15:52:22 UTC
    Mars94 Lights Out OG before class. Have a good one.
    2014-09-23 15:49:33 UTC
    bobaloo Durban Poison. Sad 'cuz my goldfish jumped into the toilet, was very despondent..he committed....wait for it...sewercide...
    2014-09-23 15:43:07 UTC
    Master Yip Super Lemon Haze & Yeti OG
    2014-09-23 15:41:52 UTC
    mmollzz Rock and Roll Two Fer Tuesday. Rock = Peppermint Patty Hash. Roll = Blue Snow. Make it a great one, friends! xoxo/m
    2014-09-23 13:54:33 UTC
    janetplanet Starting this early morning with Fire OG in the pipe! Anybody else up this early? My dogs got me up.....
    2014-09-23 13:02:58 UTC
    billydude94 GREEN CRACK
    2014-09-23 08:00:52 UTC
    boaster420 140mg. chew, 300mg. candy bar, smoking NYC Diesel, vaping Sour Diesel oil.
    2014-09-23 07:53:47 UTC
    sex_weed_edm rolled a j...uhmm...uhhhh...ah! critical mass high CBD, Chernobyl, lined with some co2. wonder I forgot: p
    2014-09-23 07:13:33 UTC
    RaynMan206 Bong hits of Super Lemon Haze & OG Kush!
    2014-09-23 06:08:10 UTC
    2014-09-23 05:41:02 UTC


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