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    What are you smoking?

    Mars94 The Megatron OG that I mentioned earlier, just got some. Try it!
    2014-09-01 23:08:48 UTC
    BobBlinger420dude Jillybean!!
    2014-09-01 23:06:36 UTC
    shatterclothing WWW.SHATTERCLOTHING.COM
    2014-09-01 23:05:44 UTC
    mizzbetty Diablo vapes, then hit the Orange jelly bean joint......staying medicated on this Labor Day,!!!!
    2014-09-01 23:01:05 UTC
    Luis_Ek99 About to Start smoking some Skywalker OG
    2014-09-01 22:49:19 UTC
    Mars94 Confidential Cookies
    2014-09-01 22:46:23 UTC
    shane_420 Smoking on my last bowl of Girl Scout Cookies. Just got some Blue Kush for later (Blue Dream x OG Kush)
    2014-09-01 22:10:45 UTC
    wooosie Dab time with that ROYAL KUSH WAX! Happy Labor Day my good folks!
    2014-09-01 21:18:50 UTC
    shatterclothing shatterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr BLOG.SHOP.EXPLORE @SHATTERCLOTHING.COM C;
    2014-09-01 21:05:35 UTC
    socal805 XJ-13, and wow... this may be a new favorite.
    2014-09-01 20:58:02 UTC
    BlndMJfun Awesome day in Colorado, BBQ, dabs of maui waui, bowls of presidential Kush topped with keif and great friends & beer...Yeah, HLD
    2014-09-01 20:53:21 UTC
    Flashback Happy Labor Day folks..Johnny Cash One Piece At A Time
    2014-09-01 20:27:20 UTC
    Zigzagman916 Cotton Candy from my home Collective Efforts
    2014-09-01 20:22:14 UTC
    Mars94 Missing this damn it.
    2014-09-01 20:13:28 UTC
    SirNugAlot My medicine drawer.
    2014-09-01 19:56:23 UTC
    Mars94 How's it been folks? Enjoy your Labor Day. :]
    2014-09-01 19:55:51 UTC
    ezymoney89 out of dabs :( got bud no dabs sad face lol
    2014-09-01 19:45:22 UTC
    ezymoney89 its my birthday month wooooo!!! ill be a quarter this yr woa!!!
    2014-09-01 19:42:37 UTC
    mizgaz Purple Urkle right now...Vader later - Yep...havin' a great Labor Day! Hope you are too.
    2014-09-01 19:28:14 UTC
    eugenethepenguin Green Cross (Green Candy x Trainwreck) through a Hot Box vaporizer...soooo tasty!
    2014-09-01 19:26:15 UTC


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