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    What are you smoking?

    Chain0fCommand none of you fucking buisness. -_-
    2014-10-22 13:33:01 UTC
    katiegirl My buddy XJ13 and I are trying to tackle this damn early morning! PEACE, all!
    2014-10-22 12:36:58 UTC
    boaster420 Tá an voodoo bán ag obair. Ba chóir Saothróirí ar fad triail a bhaint.
    2014-10-22 12:19:40 UTC
    ChuanTzu Arkham, and hopefully back to bed.
    2014-10-22 10:45:35 UTC
    RaynMan206 Watchin' some show dat reminds me of ol skool "Unsolved Mysteries" Pufn OG Kush kinda scared! ;P
    2014-10-22 09:42:18 UTC
    mrcruz23 Black Jack. nite potheads
    2014-10-22 07:41:15 UTC
    Fn-Fnc Querkle. ;)
    2014-10-22 07:37:57 UTC
    CoeusPrime Here is what I put in a special number I rolled for SOA tonight: SourOG wax, bubble hash, blend (sourd,jack herer, kandy kush, kryptonite)
    2014-10-22 07:35:24 UTC
    FattFang Hope to be walking without assisted devices after Halloween🎃🎃🎃 Le Fang puffs
    2014-10-22 07:03:20 UTC
    Mary Jane's Husband That grand daddy purple #StayElevated
    2014-10-22 06:18:08 UTC
    Sirwo1fie Some valentine. Super Mello. Bed time!
    2014-10-22 05:42:50 UTC
    FattFang Anyone in the East Bay Area come across some White Rhino lately? I have not seen any in 3-4 years😐
    2014-10-22 05:12:48 UTC
    Irma_420 A little bit of Pink Pussy 😏 from PHS, Great Shop!!! 😙💨 Stay Lifted
    2014-10-22 04:45:31 UTC
    queenbbrat Animal Cookies!
    2014-10-22 04:41:37 UTC
    jimmyy420.62 animal cookies
    2014-10-22 04:06:29 UTC
    jimmyy420.62 blackberry kush& animal cookies....cheers....
    2014-10-22 04:05:05 UTC
    saracat4 What if you lose your id card? What to do?!!
    2014-10-22 03:15:55 UTC
    Shodown Blowing Girl Scout Cookies wit the homie Nate From Dr.Gtla Bomb shit
    2014-10-22 02:53:04 UTC
    CoeusPrime Durban Poison while impatiently awaiting the appearance of Sons of Anarchy on the torrent feeds..
    2014-10-22 02:43:42 UTC
    MADD MAXX A joint of Whitaker Blues.... Clip from Nightmare on Elm St. "Puppet Philip"
    2014-10-22 02:34:28 UTC


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