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    What are you smoking?

    Cosmos2001 Oh my go I am soooooooo high lol. I'm in fucking dab heaven right now =]
    2014-08-02 06:29:55 UTC
    Highly Educated 1 Giant dense 4 gram nug of Skywalker Og 26.5% thc from THE LAB COLLECTIVE in Mira Loma/Rubidoux.....
    2014-08-02 05:53:56 UTC
    Pro2achristian Tko shatter and watching urban remo on YouTube. Horrible pain tonight. Going to bake hardcore
    2014-08-02 05:39:10 UTC
    Tanktrax36 Master Kush !
    2014-08-02 05:11:42 UTC
    Tanktrax36 Diablo Og
    2014-08-02 05:10:48 UTC
    mrtwister66 super max and blue dream.aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh happy friday
    2014-08-02 05:01:46 UTC
    MADD MAXX Hey Flash. Here's one you may have heard....Concentration Moon
    2014-08-02 04:53:51 UTC
    Flashback Trouble Every Day - Mothers of Invention:
    2014-08-02 04:22:54 UTC
    Cosmos2001 dabbin' on some ghostface honeycomb, and pineapple express wax, vibing on some slappin' NIN remixes. Night guys!
    2014-08-02 04:22:01 UTC
    Cosmos2001 Ghostface honeycomb =] Turning me into a ghost.... I'm here, but I'm a million miles away =]
    2014-08-02 04:10:06 UTC
    MADD MAXX A bit of Platinum Cherry Pie and a bit of Silver also....
    2014-08-02 04:05:54 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Last part of the same joint... Stray cat that adopted me, says, "No Thanks" !! ~~ Peace Peoples, have a great one!
    2014-08-02 03:35:45 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Nothing but misc. herbal crumbs in this joint! It's cooling down... yay!
    2014-08-02 03:33:55 UTC
    Master Yip SomeTrainwreck while watching Sharknado 2, it was HIGHlarious!
    2014-08-02 03:04:32 UTC
    Melskid Got my meds within an hour and a half killer buds more than happy with the purchase. Thank You
    2014-08-02 03:01:38 UTC
    1badmonkey1 I finally found out the name of the driver for ABC that was so quick and courteous the othr day his name is gray --- Thanks Gray !!!
    2014-08-02 02:51:23 UTC
    Mars94 Joint times. A.S.F.
    2014-08-02 02:29:13 UTC
    Mars94 Said he was getting poked in the eye too much, lol. Love Heavy Metal mags. On my way home to the Alien Space Fucker.
    2014-08-02 02:04:19 UTC
    ɳʉɠɠʑʑ Dinachem enjoy your evening
    2014-08-02 01:58:22 UTC
    FattFang This Space Queen has me floating High...usually into indica's & hybrids...this is exceptionally good cannabis
    2014-08-02 01:43:12 UTC


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