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    BlndMJfun Starting this day off with a bowl of Presidential Kush with maui waui dabs on deck along with hot black Arabica beans... High mappers
    2014-12-21 11:07:31 UTC
    #1spero White Widow from let us be blunt got me twisted here in the 702
    2014-12-21 09:59:07 UTC
    boaster420 140mg.chew, 300mg.candy bar, Blunt of MED-USA(AKA- Ken's Medusa)and Sour Diesel. Vaping multiple oil mix.
    2014-12-21 09:55:23 UTC
    tru_bizniz Old School OG (P.R.)
    2014-12-21 09:06:56 UTC
    adam h colo spgs sour Connie wax
    2014-12-21 08:23:46 UTC
    kimnjohnson2884 White widow and rice krispy treats
    2014-12-21 06:17:04 UTC
    prommj havin a threesome! nite pimps!
    2014-12-21 06:09:28 UTC
    Randy_Rorschach grapefruit haze :)
    2014-12-21 05:27:25 UTC
    Esantana73 Pressed Hindu Kush Kief. :)
    2014-12-21 04:22:06 UTC
    MADD MAXX What's on your wish list ??? Eartha Kitt "Santa Baby"
    2014-12-21 03:50:47 UTC
    MADD MAXX Sparkin' up a bowl of Platinum Bubba.... Bubba Kush x Platinum OG Couch-lock Alert !!!
    2014-12-21 03:44:35 UTC
    Flashback The Beach Boys - Little Saint Nick
    2014-12-21 01:53:56 UTC
    bobaloo Skywalker OG... Hope y'all are happy and well. And WeedMaps, fix your app...or is it the North Koreans fucking around?? :)
    2014-12-21 01:22:58 UTC
    Flashback Fire OG bubble hash. Have a great evening folks.
    2014-12-21 00:48:18 UTC
    zil Martian Kush and Super Silver Trainwreck from Green On The GO in Merced, the BEST in town!
    2014-12-21 00:45:32 UTC
    keep2rolled the best of the greatest
    2014-12-21 00:01:36 UTC
    keep2rolled the best of the greatest
    2014-12-21 00:01:35 UTC
    mrsbittyblacc Blue Dream ??
    2014-12-21 00:02:55 UTC
    Terp Sap Dabbin on that moxie.. . .
    2014-12-20 23:45:04 UTC
    buddymac28 Chem4xAlienOG.
    2014-12-20 21:44:14 UTC


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