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    What are you smoking?

    Mars94 Platinum Deadhead OG going bye-bye.
    2014-10-21 21:28:25 UTC
    kizzy And some more Colombian Diesel Dabs for lunch
    2014-10-21 20:49:41 UTC
    kizzy Wiz Og
    2014-10-21 20:47:33 UTC Just finished rolling a fatty with some nice Og kush, Crazy Haze, Blueberry Cheese, and some Sweet Skunk I just finished curing.
    2014-10-21 20:18:59 UTC
    DelPaul Tahoe Og
    2014-10-21 20:11:09 UTC
    jrpalmer35 Lemon of
    2014-10-21 19:35:04 UTC
    Der Kaiser Rome is burning ... Bayern 5 - Roma 0 , and it's not even halftime. Lambs Breath is burning here. Cheers.
    2014-10-21 19:30:51 UTC
    Drawyoursword420 $45/4.5g Louis OG---hope you brought a pillow along with you!
    2014-10-21 19:30:04 UTC
    MR.MORRISON Sparkin' a little bit of HeadBand with some Super Silver Haze Kief while listening to some Pantera!
    2014-10-21 19:25:36 UTC
    Mars94 Another blunt of Deadhead mixed with Pineapple Thai shake before eating Norms. Cheers.
    2014-10-21 19:08:30 UTC
    CoeusPrime Sooper busy today so just doing a J of some Jack Herer I found in a bottle in back. Never saw the attraction of this strain
    2014-10-21 18:55:33 UTC
    eugenethepenguin Vaping a blend of Cali Orange/Chem Diesel/OG Kush... The flavor profiles are a little wonky together, but the effects are top-notch! ;)
    2014-10-21 18:19:27 UTC
    Coolarrow263 Wishin i had a walk in dispensarie near Oakley Ca... rippin that Deathstar
    2014-10-21 18:12:50 UTC
    skeee @ChubbyCheddah on IG
    2014-10-21 18:02:54 UTC
    skeee Obama OG!!
    2014-10-21 18:00:07 UTC
    Sdevries Juicy fruit, staff is very friendly and helpful.
    2014-10-21 17:14:45 UTC
    GingerGuy420 Skunk #1 and Blue Cheese
    2014-10-21 16:42:46 UTC
    BigEazy i got some blue jack in the pipe right before i go back in the office.
    2014-10-21 16:40:40 UTC
    FattFang What are your Halloween plans? All I will be able to do is puff and hand out candy...
    2014-10-21 16:16:12 UTC
    Lady Kush020 Puff puff pass...Purple Tangerine packed in the Zob, Good Morning St0ners
    2014-10-21 15:55:46 UTC


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