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    What are you smoking?

    kizzy Purple Urkle dabs got the house smelling like I'm puffing on flowers. Cheers everyone
    2015-01-30 14:06:31 UTC
    Master Yip Enjoy your day! :)
    2015-01-30 13:55:13 UTC
    youngrecksblowintrees redhead bubba fire og and some cantaloupe haze mixed with thai
    2015-01-30 13:27:07 UTC
    mmollzz Followed nose to Sour Tangie. Not an exact parallel, but makes me want to hear Led Zeppelin: Tangerine, 1969
    2015-01-30 13:20:55 UTC
    The Mick Legend O.G. Today would have been Bob Marley's 70th birthday. Celebrate with your favorite strain.
    2015-01-30 10:14:24 UTC
    Citizen Jane And Blue Dream shatuh
    2015-01-30 09:37:36 UTC
    Citizen Jane Afgoo
    2015-01-30 09:36:31 UTC
    llucky7 Rocking Collie Budz and toking on some Pineapple Express
    2015-01-30 06:30:56 UTC
    BlndMJfun Lemon OG, then off to dreamland.... Happy medicating and TGIF!!! Then the SUPER BOWL.... Night mappers
    2015-01-30 06:09:37 UTC
    kizzy About to sample the Reserve Blend, smells like Og Kush. Night everyone
    2015-01-30 05:55:53 UTC
    MADD MAXX Twisting up a gage of Widow OG.... White Widow x SFV OG
    2015-01-30 05:42:06 UTC
    framer13 2010
    2015-01-30 05:27:50 UTC
    BlndMJfun Enjoying dabs of crazy boss stomper and a bowl of maui waui topped with caviar, with a cold brewski!! Loooong F'ing day of work!!
    2015-01-30 05:03:32 UTC
    Fn-Fnc Northwest Coffee.
    2015-01-30 04:18:08 UTC
    valleyguy88 Agent Orange in the vape
    2015-01-30 04:20:13 UTC
    Bryanna new edibles. nom nom.
    2015-01-30 04:11:01 UTC
    Silver and Black 619 The reclaim is slowly building up. The bees and honeycomb accents compliment the honey. dabbing purple elephant.
    2015-01-30 03:29:18 UTC
    CoeusPrime The PS/4, zombies and Black Afghani Kush topped with CP's own kief...a match made in heaven right now.
    2015-01-30 03:23:51 UTC
    XDC Dumpster OG Breathing FIRE!!!
    2015-01-30 03:16:31 UTC
    MADD MAXX Burning some Querkle from the Sleek Bowl. Puff, Puff, Pass....
    2015-01-30 02:58:08 UTC


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