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    Casperrr Cali Kush Hash
    2014-08-21 07:52:18 UTC
    303los420 303 kush and larry o.g.!!!
    2014-08-21 07:16:38 UTC
    FattFang White Widow is calling me...
    2014-08-21 06:27:15 UTC
    shannonf714 I really am stuck on stupid, Im addicted to this growing weed game. SOS
    2014-08-21 05:36:17 UTC
    MR.HEADYHEAD good spot to get your tree's from
    2014-08-21 05:02:20 UTC
    FattFang Nice bowl of Platinum GDP while listening to Big Chief by Professor Long Hair
    2014-08-21 05:00:04 UTC
    ChuanTzu Arkham. Which, on HP Lovecraft's birthday, seems entirely appropriate.
    2014-08-21 04:50:39 UTC
    Der Kaiser If you've never heard of Hank Williams III you might want to take notice.
    2014-08-21 04:32:31 UTC
    Esantana73 G'Nite :)
    2014-08-21 04:29:55 UTC
    framer13 Hawaiian Lights
    2014-08-21 04:28:32 UTC
    Lady Kush020 Fuck it, I just pulled my own brokwn tooth...gnite, Cookie Diesel Buddah in the pen
    2014-08-21 04:26:18 UTC
    Der Kaiser Louis XIII . I wonder how many eardrums were destroyed making this vid? Cheers.
    2014-08-21 03:44:36 UTC
    SaYhiStaYhi Platinum Caviar
    2014-08-21 03:40:54 UTC
    MADD MAXX Crossing over to the Dank Side thanks to a bowl of Darth Vader OG....
    2014-08-21 03:24:29 UTC
    Cloud 9 Society This line is barely moving.. dodging mean soccer moms with recklessly speeding shopping carts! Good thing I'm baked! =o]
    2014-08-21 03:13:25 UTC
    Williamsson Space Bomb in the bong Goodnight everyone.
    2014-08-21 03:12:53 UTC
    valleyguy88 About to try the Kings Poison
    2014-08-21 03:03:42 UTC
    FattFang Renewing my subscription to Puffing Cannabis...
    2014-08-21 02:55:23 UTC
    eugenethepenguin Vaping some incredible Lemon Diesel from House of Organics! Smells/tastes like a combination of citrus/rose petals/perfume.
    2014-08-21 02:39:44 UTC
    Mars94 Rolled Purple LA Con in the wax blunt, now time for my stroll! Cheers!
    2014-08-21 02:39:09 UTC


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