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    What are you smoking?

    Vertigo Senses what does DOGO mean?
    2014-08-01 11:42:30 UTC
    mmollzz Last of the Hippy Crippler. I like the strain, it's sweet and strong. And I think the name is hilarious. Sorry bobaloo ;)
    2014-08-01 10:20:56 UTC
    RaynMan206 Im having trouble seeing rite now...
    2014-08-01 08:20:48 UTC
    edgar96 Currently smoking on Chalice's 1st Place Solvent Wax. Green Guava by Beehive Extracts. Green Guava is Green Ribbon x Candy Jack.
    2014-08-01 07:47:56 UTC
    FattFang Another puff of GSC...munchie time...
    2014-08-01 06:55:43 UTC
    shan7577 Fire OG mixed with Candy Jack from Organic Roots. would post pics but the camera is at least 10 feet away.
    2014-08-01 05:38:55 UTC
    FattFang Purple Kush & GSC's - looking the crescent moon now. Guardians of Galaxy movie was great...I'm baked
    2014-08-01 05:31:14 UTC
    Mars94 High all, rolling another blunt. Now my phone is too low on battery for a pic, lol. Full as hell.
    2014-08-01 05:29:54 UTC
    Joshchavez420 Some fire ass headband out the three perk bong is the way to go.
    2014-08-01 03:59:14 UTC
    Mars94 Ready for a quick heat to melt this wonderful cheesy spaghetti! :D
    2014-08-01 03:38:02 UTC
    Lady Kush020 OG KUSH BITCHES! (finally my smoke drought is over) Pufffffff Puffff Passsssss
    2014-08-01 03:36:56 UTC
    drduff Homegrown's Three Kings Vape
    2014-08-01 03:26:44 UTC
    drduff Homegrown's Three Kings Vape
    2014-08-01 03:26:41 UTC
    Williamsson Goodnight to all you wonderful people ≤(︺‿︺)≥ "I"m on the way to you"
    2014-08-01 03:17:44 UTC
    Mars94 Ready to go.
    2014-08-01 03:03:12 UTC
    Mars94 Should have taken a pic before breaking it up, lol. Sticky!
    2014-08-01 02:41:45 UTC
    Kaeahz Girl Scout Cookies.....seriously cross eyed right now!
    2014-08-01 02:41:44 UTC
    Mars94 My brother just got some Humboldt OG and it's spaghetti tonight! I'm happy as hell! :D
    2014-08-01 02:34:15 UTC
    Williamsson Dabs of Bubble Gum Shatter Colorado Rocks!
    2014-08-01 01:43:16 UTC
    Cloud 9 Society Fresh out the hotbox got the munchies hitting me hard!!!! Zaaamn!
    2014-08-01 01:41:54 UTC


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