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    What are you smoking?

    oldmanoftheseagenetics !!………...
    2014-09-02 18:45:45 UTC
    Digitopian last bit of pre 98 bubba that came free w/ a dogo 1/8th of sour D. dogo is poor quality… should i be staying away from dogo's?
    2014-09-02 18:40:06 UTC
    Dirt89 Blondie og wax!!!!
    2014-09-02 18:18:10 UTC
    mmollzz Well that was not a happy visit. They upped my chemo and are now looking for hepatic tumors. Calling in for fresh meds because I can!
    2014-09-02 18:15:19 UTC
    SirNugAlot Only dab clouds in the sky today.
    2014-09-02 18:05:47 UTC
    Enlighten Just smoked some Strawberry diesel ^_^ but was smoking some preroll and J-1 earlier this morning :)
    2014-09-02 17:57:22 UTC
    Master Yip Yeti OG
    2014-09-02 17:50:39 UTC
    Stonner mazar $12g call or text 6199926680
    2014-09-02 17:21:45 UTC
    Stonner mazar $12g call or text 6199926680
    2014-09-02 17:21:43 UTC
    Silver and Black 619 broken toilet......i need a couple dabs and a shower. not gross...but it is a toilet.
    2014-09-02 17:05:57 UTC
    ihugtrees Bob Marley OG for breakfast. Have a no worries day everyone!
    2014-09-02 16:51:09 UTC
    eternal420fiend2015 Yoda OG
    2014-09-02 16:05:14 UTC
    FattFang Coffee for now..earthquake damaged chimney is being removed..puff puff later 😕
    2014-09-02 15:42:04 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Classic!
    2014-09-02 15:36:18 UTC
    mmollzz I leave for the Liver Research Institute in 40. I need my most powerful meds to deal with "Dr. God" seen in photo to right in his own image.
    2014-09-02 15:06:41 UTC
    Flashback A better picture of the cop trap.
    2014-09-02 14:49:45 UTC
    stoned78 How can I find a list of the cheapest bud?
    2014-09-02 14:42:32 UTC
    Flashback Morning folks..Happy Tuesday..Morning tea and homegrown in the bowl. Cheers!
    2014-09-02 14:41:39 UTC
    2014-09-02 14:29:42 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Skywalker OG in the bowl at (my) sunrise! Have a great Tuesday Mappers!
    2014-09-02 14:16:12 UTC


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