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    FattFang Too much cannabis shake on the dance floor..ask the hostess to clean it up
    2014-10-30 16:25:58 UTC
    FattFang Atomic Northern Lights before following the fellas to a party🎉🎊
    2014-10-30 16:23:22 UTC
    Danstaafl Strain Specific Cynex Dab with my morning Coffee. Yea.
    2014-10-30 15:54:48 UTC
    britsky That black diamond
    2014-10-30 15:54:19 UTC
    boyscout1 6 days to go before the vote. Try 6 different products while you wait to vote!! Is that like a party for several days. ??
    2014-10-30 15:51:03 UTC
    Flashback LA sunrise picture from LA Chan 4 news twitter feed. It's gonna be a nice day!
    2014-10-30 15:00:31 UTC
    CoeusPrime Morning Mappers! Time to strap on the (mmj) feedback and have fun! Its the heads nat'l holiday, Halloween! Ready for 2nite?
    2014-10-30 15:00:21 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Wake N Bake with Himalayan Nepalese cup of coffee, Green Cheese to be sacrificed in hopes of a great day! Happy Halloween Eve!
    2014-10-30 14:05:08 UTC
    jereomy420 Vaping some White Fire Og with my brand new Mighty by Storz and Bickel....
    2014-10-30 13:44:48 UTC
    anton5000dotcom strawberry cough
    2014-10-30 13:34:08 UTC
    BlndMJfun starting this day with that maui waui live resin and a bowl of Presidential Kush. Happy Thursday mappers, have a great one
    2014-10-30 13:19:24 UTC
    Breebaby21 this is sum kill high a.f "blue ice" is sum cake 4rm 76th Figueroa.
    2014-10-30 08:39:47 UTC
    FattFang Where is my Pumpkin cannabis bowl? Oh well, I'll roll a phatty
    2014-10-30 08:14:14 UTC
    Virsin Waiting for my Northern Lights to be delivered! Love that strain. Anyone else know of a great indica that is similar to NL?
    2014-10-30 06:18:04 UTC
    RaynMan206 A danky lil nug of some 'Blue Dream' & watching(Rob Zombie version)...
    2014-10-30 05:52:07 UTC
    mrcruz23 Alpha Dog OG x Headband OG for tonight. g'nite wm
    2014-10-30 05:39:17 UTC
    MR.MORRISON Has anyone out there ever heard of a strain called Girl Scout Cookies Green(listed as hybrid)? G.S.C. X Green Crack?
    2014-10-30 04:35:35 UTC
    mamawee70 Does anybody know what dispensary sells Rainbow Kush?
    2014-10-30 04:26:39 UTC
    mamawee70 Pink Maui
    2014-10-30 04:25:01 UTC
    yungsin420 they need to legalize In tx
    2014-10-30 03:58:38 UTC


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