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    eugenethepenguin West Coast Diesel w/ a bit of Pink Lemonade kief sprinkles. Tastes like an Arnold Palmer made with motor oil... in the best way possible!
    2014-09-17 01:23:45 UTC
    FattFang Are there any dispensaries in the Bay Area offering Kosher Kush? Saw KK seeds for $140 for a 6-pack
    2014-09-17 01:13:04 UTC
    ganjagodess Our babies are starting to flower! Yay! This is Woosh C.
    2014-09-17 01:01:13 UTC
    FattFang Emerald Kush with Green Grapes shatter..shatter does the job..not overly fond of it..won't buy it againπŸ˜•
    2014-09-17 00:57:31 UTC
    stonedform Well I bit the bullet and went to pick up some of that 33.4% Kosher Kush. My car was so dank.
    2014-09-17 00:31:56 UTC
    yasmo that's good
    2014-09-17 00:28:33 UTC
    Kev Mac Berry White
    2014-09-16 23:59:23 UTC
    pacal420 dabs sfv shatter blue dream bowls
    2014-09-16 23:26:24 UTC
    BlndMJfun Two dabs of Maui Waui, two dabs of alien napalm OG for this awesome two-fer-Tuesday. Happy Tuesday mappers, have a great two
    2014-09-16 23:12:48 UTC
    Mars94 Grandma take me home.
    2014-09-16 22:46:45 UTC
    bobaloo Crazy day. About to puff on some Skywalker OG --may the force calm everyone the f*** down. Have a great day!!!!
    2014-09-16 22:41:16 UTC
    wetwilly420 OG Kush(x
    2014-09-16 22:35:54 UTC
    RttnSJ Chapo Og
    2014-09-16 22:08:23 UTC
    Chain0fCommand hey man. I thought here maybe someone would laugh at my jokes..
    2014-09-16 21:37:24 UTC
    Chain0fCommand such a troll...
    2014-09-16 21:22:52 UTC
    eugenethepenguin Vaping some Blue Dream CO2 Oil... yum!
    2014-09-16 21:07:20 UTC
    CabooseL27 Got some wax in the volcano, And some Pineapple Express in the pipe and Northern light in the bong..... how am i still able to type
    2014-09-16 20:58:39 UTC
    Digitopian Green crack followed by Bubba crack just to be sure :) ,need to get this day back on a positive track!
    2014-09-16 19:36:38 UTC
    FattFang So excited to pickup a Breakfast First Aid Kit!πŸ‘
    2014-09-16 19:12:02 UTC
    FattFang Black Widow to be followed with some Emerald Kush if need be..πŸ”₯πŸ’­πŸ‘
    2014-09-16 19:06:35 UTC


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