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    What are you smoking?

    MADD MAXX Sparking a jay of NYC Diesel.... puff, puff, pass while I twist a couple more.
    2014-11-23 23:39:33 UTC
    #1420fan BLUE COOKIES....thanks to caliorganixdelivery....Pancho keeps me lifted...thanks buddy
    2014-11-23 23:24:41 UTC
    2014-11-23 23:23:21 UTC
    CoeusPrime BHO extraction complete, purge in progress. Something called "Oaksterdam", never had it before but it was really nice!
    2014-11-23 23:18:31 UTC
    i_stayhigh smoking on that Jupiter O.G from The spot UNIVERSITY COLLECTIVE
    2014-11-23 23:08:31 UTC
    MR.MORRISON TO ANYONE IN LAS VEGAS: What are the best disp. in your opinion? And TrainWreck.
    2014-11-23 23:07:38 UTC
    Master Stillness Feeling kind of sick on this lazy Sunday but still smoking that pink Cadillac Kush
    2014-11-23 22:50:41 UTC
    Flashback Humble Soul - Pakalolo Sweet
    2014-11-23 22:45:46 UTC
    Kenga Mars OG from OTC!
    2014-11-23 21:24:35 UTC
    Der Kaiser Game time. Shark Shock og I'm the bubbler. Cheers !
    2014-11-23 21:23:17 UTC
    #1420fan afternoon all smoking on some hippie crippler today relaxing watching football 4204all
    2014-11-23 20:53:17 UTC
    mrcruz23 good afternoon weed mappers getting ready for the football game with some Strawberry Cough & Zenderbender OG
    2014-11-23 20:29:13 UTC
    Der Kaiser Me , the 5 axis Haas , and some Gods Gift = Fun times ( Too bad Solidworks doesn't agree ) . Then home to watch the Phins. Cheers everyone.
    2014-11-23 19:35:30 UTC
    MADD MAXX Football on TV and Cherry Pie Kush in the bowl.... Hope all are medicated.
    2014-11-23 19:19:57 UTC
    FattFang My Christmas tree🎄for December 2014...whatta ya think?
    2014-11-23 18:02:12 UTC
    Flashback Santa is busy trimming buds!
    2014-11-23 17:13:45 UTC
    ptrkmanic its getting close
    2014-11-23 17:07:13 UTC
    ptrkmanic its getting close
    2014-11-23 17:07:07 UTC
    Mars94 And always remember...
    2014-11-23 16:53:51 UTC
    Mars94 Last of the Louie. How goes the morning?
    2014-11-23 16:52:45 UTC


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